Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Nice Yet Reasonable 24-Hour Chinese Restaurant

Here's one that's definitely recommended...

This is a HONG KONG Chinese restaurant located in Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore at the far end of Heartland Mall, just adjacent to the row of petrol kiosks.

The interior decor is superb with a wall hung graphic of the Hong Kong map, extending from Lantau to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.

There's a wide choice of selection of food plus nice tasting hot and cold tea, coffee and 'yinyang', a mixed concoction of tea and coffee.

And the best part is... The prices are very reasonable.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My WIfe Said I Have A Bad Spending Habit...

I discovered a way to keep my hands clean after eating with my hands outdoors...

Have you ever eaten some food that you need to use your hand? Like chicken wings, chilli crab, steamed prawn and stuff like that. If you don't use your hand, it won't be 'shiok' (meaning 'no fun')

But yet, after eating, sometimes we don't have a proper place to wash our hands or maybe we're simply too lazy to leave the table and walk to the wash room :-)

So, what I do nowadays is to order a bottle of mineral water...

And then I'll drink only one-third of that and guess what?

I'll wash my hands with the balance two-third of the water :-) And she'll say, "That's expensive...paying a dollar just to wash your hands. You've got a bad spending habit!"

Singapore's Delicious Hokkien Mee

I finally got my taste of this Singapore's delicious hokkien mee...

Every time I drive along Upper Serangoon Road past Kovan MRT Station on my left and Heartland Mall on my right, I would notice this hokkien mee stall right at the corner of Simon Road that generates a lot of smoke! And it's often crowded with lots of people.

For months, somehow I can't get to taste this as either it's not open, too crowded or they're closed early about 11 pm.

Tonight, with GOD's blessings, I drove past there again in search for my late dinner. After parking, my wife thought it would take at least half an hour...

I was a bit hesitant as to wait or not wait? Well, time is so precious these days... And then, when we reached there, there was an empty table right in front of this popular stall.

And then, just after we sat down, the hawker assistant came and ask me whether I want the plates already fried! Hey, that's a MIRACLE. Instead of having to wait half an hour, I got my hokkien mee immediately. And it did taste nice.

What a Blessed Night...thank God!

P.S. Haha... I almost forgot - the chicken wing there is EXCELLENT! No kidding...the sauce is 1st class :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How I Survived My First Lions Club Meeting

I just got back from my 1st ever Lions Club meeting.

It was a friend, my ex-BNI Chapter member, who invited me. I told her how I have some friends in Lions but somehow they never invited me :-)

It's like when I was not yet a Christian a few years ago. I was studying various religions and was waiting for someone to invite me. It took an ex-colleague two years before he extended an invitation to me... It's really strange how things work.

Anyway...back to this first meeting which was conducted in a beautiful pre-war shop house in Tessensohn Road, Singapore. It's not a very big club but the members were closely knitted and committed to the cause which was much more important.

On that meeting, dinner was provided, coffee break and even a birthday cake for 3 of the members including my friend who invited me. In fact, she, along with 3 others, were actually inducted as new members that night. Plus, 2 visitors beside me actually committed to join on the spot!

Obviously, the pressure was on me :-) However, I know my own commitments and this is certainly not time yet for any additional commitment. My friend was very nice, very understanding and she said she'll not pressure me... Oh what a relief :-)

By chance, the District Governor (DG) was there who graced the occasion and gave a brief description of how Singapore, East and West Malaysia were divided into districts. She, a very graceful and long-serving lady, also gave a wonderful narration of those worldwide events where delegates come from many, many different countries and mentioned that the next is in Chicago and encouraged us to attend.

The meeting was conducted professionally by the President, Vice President and several community projects were discussed. And yet, the people were sincere and genuine. They kept it short and sweet and there was also good fellowship!

Oh yes, my friend's mom was also a long-standing lion who gave a roaring history of this club's formation....interesting.

Overall, it was a nice evening - an eye opener for me. At least, now I know what to expect when I'm ready to take on this social responsibilty as a human being. But now, first, wealth creation...that's what I dedicate these 5 years of my life to doing... other commitments can come later...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Instant Web Site Solution For Internet Marketing Newbies

I posted on my Internet Marketing blog on an INSTANT WEB SITE solution for newbies.

For those who wish to get started with Affiliate marketing without the technical jargon and skills which take a steep learning curve, this is your way to go.

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Personally, I've seen 2 of my friends starting out from there and then moved on after a few months to create web sites using other full-featured software. But this is truly a STOP GAP solution so that a newbie in Internet Marketing can at least move on for awhile.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

World's Smallest Teenager!

I found this interesting news today on BBC through Encyclopedia Britannica Online...

"The world's smallest teenager?

A teenager is waiting to find out if he's the smallest man in the world.

Fourteen-year-old Khagendra Thapa Magar is only 50cm high, and weighs just 4.5kg, which could be record-breaking.

He's apparently the smallest person in his home country of Nepal, and he's written to Guinness World Records to see if he can claim the world title. "

Click here for the full news article.