Monday, July 03, 2006

Life-long Learning...

I just watched Channel News Asia as I took a lunch break...

Wow! You can't believe it! A man just got his MBA in his 60's PHD in his 70's !!

His name is Wee Lee King. (Perhaps you like to search him out. ) Whenever he applied to the learning institutions, they either rejected him outright or queried him why he wants to study!

How ridiculous? And we always talk about Life-long Learning... So do we walk the talk?

Here's an extract from Singapore Workforce Development Agency:

"Wee Lee King [魏利庆] (74 years old, Insurance Consultant & Part-timeLecturer)

Lee King is our oldest Lifelong Learner Award winner. He is a fighter who nevergives up, having battled leukemia but never wavered in his quest to stayemployable.

Born in Guangdong, China, Wee Lee King and his family moved to Kluang,Johor, during World War II. At the end of the war, he came to Singapore to studyat the Chinese High School. "

For more details, click here.

Anyway, he persevered and got himself into MBA and then later PHD. It's fascinating that even a hall in China is named after him for his indomitable human spirit of learning.

Let's learn from him...

Land Banking

I attended a Land Banking Talk last Saturday morning.

It was an eye opener. I never really understood Land Banking till now....

Well, if the company is strong, I believe that the investment is really great! They're talking about nearly 15% per annum ROI and the minimum investment is merely $10,000.

It's really cool if we have some spare cash to stash away. The money literally doubles in 5 to 6 years with this rate of return :-)

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