Thursday, January 25, 2007

How To Download TV Episode Online

Do you know how to download TV episode online if you happened to miss last night's TV episode?

Back in those days, it was such a painful experience! I remember how I missed the last episode of a TV serial after following for nearly 30 episodes. I literally couldn't sleep for days!

You're in luck as I found a new site on the Internet where you can download all your favorite TV shows by episode.

How To Download TV Episode Online

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Free Weight Loss Tips

I lost around 1 kg for each of the last three months with these free weight loss tips :-)

In early November, I was shocked to realize that I almost hit 90 kg! Then I started to lose weight systematically, buy up books and checking out free weight loss tips from the Internet.

In addition, one book (not free) I highly recommend is "Fight The Fat" by Dr. Ben Tan, head and consultant sports physician at the Changi Sports Medicine Centre in Singapore. He's also won an Asian Games gold medallist and other awards. There's plenty of No B.S. weight loss tips and advice there, especially from a doctor's point of view.

Now, I'm at 85.8 kg... and will achieve 84 kg by end Feb 2007 as I'm taking the slow but steady and long lasting route.