Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's T. Harv Eker's MMI again...but a year later...

"What is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING you need to understand in order to succeed in anything in life?"

That's the question I ask a lot when I conduct training for my home-based Internet business to my business partners.

And it can take quite awhile for someone to realize that it's not money, not effort, not love but its...


Yes, time...

That's because nothing significant can ever be achieved in a day. I'm sure you've heard that Rome was not built in a day (and not in a night either).

In fact, the only way to achieve anything in life is to set a goal, and then make a plan, and start taking focused action to work on achieving the goal over time.

Last year, this time, I attended T. Harv Eker's MMI - Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) as you can see in my previous post.

And this year's MMI in Singapore happened just 2 weeks ago!

I was literally shocked that a year just zipped by...'s frightening's scary's a feeling of a sense of loss's a mixed bag of emotions

A year gone by... and another Christmas is coming next, and then 2009!

"Hey, what have you achieved in one year?" I heard a little voice asked myself.

Have I made the best of 2008?

And have you?

Well, in a way, I'm glad I've made a lot of progress for my core home-based business that's currently gaining the momentum and excitement that I wanted.

Plus, I made some pretty interesting and mouth-watering trips to neighbouring Malaysia up north, so much so that I decided to start another blog:

I guess... as long as we're building something each and every day and moving forward, we're making the best of time, rather than not moving forward at all.

Thanks for reading my rant... I bet you there'll be alot more coming once I pull myself together after taking care of some demanding workload in the next few weeks :-)