Sunday, August 06, 2006

The 4 "Olds" Of Old Age

I saw an old man said this on TV which I found quite cute. He said the 4 "Olds" of Old Age are:

1) Old Spouse
2) Old Health
3) Old Capital
4) Old Friends

I marvel how he can look at it this way :-)

1) Old Spouse - when we get old, we want to have an old spouse by our side.

2) Old Health - certainly, we don't want any sickness and so we need old health.

3) Old Capital - we don't want to worry about money anymore, thus old capital (Shh! If you have not yet joined any network marketing business to create your residual income for old age, do visit my MLM blog at: and choose one there...)

4) Old Friends - we surely want our old friends to be still with us (Sigh...the fact is that 36% of our friends will be gone when we reach age 65!)

That's really Old Wisdom...Haha!