Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fione Tan appeared on Channel News Asia

As I was taking a short break from my online business, I flipped on the TV...

... and was just in time to catch a glimpse of Fione Tan, a young but accomplished Internet marketer around Asia, being interviewed by Channel News Asia on the 'Cents&Sensibility' which is a weekly episode. Check this out at:


This episode discusses how to quit your job and not starve!

I wish I had some of this information before I quit the rat race more than ten years ago and save myself a lot of challenges and struggles.


Fione, eOneNet.com, asia internet marketing company said...

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the link! I haven't got a chance to view it yet as i was away in my Hong Kong office.

I would say that it's never to late to get some new info, and as long as you take action, then you'll bound to learn something.

You can start by adding some Google Adsense to your blog here at blogspot and earn some income too.

Rgds, Fione Tan
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Roger Loh said...

Hi Fione,

What a good job you've done!

I hope some people out there will be inspired by you to work towards starting their own online business.

Hope to meet you one day!